The Automotive Parts & DC Motor Manufacturer

Manufacturing high quality products has always been our company’s goal in meeting business success. To meet such requirements, we have been providing custom made services to customers and manufacturing the required equipment and parts such as spindle for rear axle, automation parts, automotive parts, auto gate parts, auto gate system, DC motor, etc.

All of the products that we manufacture meet the safety standards and requirements. We pay great attention to little details to the products that we make. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable and skilled in designing and making every part of the equipment so as to produce efficient and reliable products.

Amware Industries have made our name known as a CNC machining Malaysia company with superb services in metal machining, precision machining and CNC cylindrical grinding.

AMWARE INDUSTRIES SDN BHD produces the followings;
Automotive Spindles for Rear Axles
Automotive Chassis, Exhaust and Seat Components
Motorcycle Original and Replacement Components
Portable Gas Burners, Electrical and Laboratory Equipment
Architectural Glass Fitting and Construction Components
Hydraulic Fittings and Joints
Current Products