Quality Policies

It is the company's quality policy to produce high quality products and services for the utmost satisfaction of our customers regardless of their needs and expectations so as to conform to the company's motto of providing our customers their best value in price and quality and also to gain the customer's confidence.


All company quality policies are subjected to Laws of Malaysia; should any policy be in conflict with the Constitution and Laws of Malaysia, such policy itself shall be abolished.


All decisions major or minor must be made with compromise of quality, cost and schedule.


A product is provided to satisfy the performance, quality, reliability, and safety requirements of our customers at a fair market price.


Products and services are to be provided which consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers and of users within the company.


Should any defects be discovered in any field of operations; the root and cause of defects must be rectified immediately to prevent time and money losses.


Defects discovered in any stage of production shall be rectified within that stage or process.


No employee of the company is exempted from the quality policies; all employees are to abide by the company's quality policy.

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Quality Policies